Selective Focus and Depth of Field

Selective Focus and Depth of Field

‘Prima Donna’ by Mario Testino for Vogue UK, September 2013

1) The photo above shows a short depth of field as the model is clearly on focus, while the model in the foreground is completely blurred. What the photographer highlights here is the crossing of glances of the models because they are looking at each other but at different levels inside the photo.

Ajak Deng shines by by John Paul Pietrus for Arise Magazine #11, 2010

2) The subject of the photo is the lipstick which the model is putting on her lips. Due to many factors the lips are pointed out. First of all is fundamental the long depth of field that creates the blurred background and point out the lips of the model, secondly the light reflected in the mirror plays an important role to highlight her lips.

‘Couture Clash’ by Craig McDean for W Magazine, October 2013

3) In the photo above the photographer put on focus the statuesque body of the model. There is a short depth of field due to the fact that her body is the same length of the two columns, and consequently most of the picture is on focus. Moreover the background is not only blurred but also dark thanks to the use of the black and white colours, and it highlights the foreground and the model’s body.

‘Come As You Are’ by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for W Magazine, September 2013

4) The focus in this photo is on the three models posing in the foreground. There is a long depth of field as the observer can understand the background and the place in which the shooting took place, but it is still soft and slightly blurred. The three models are sitting on the same imaginary line and two of them are looking at the photographer, while the other one is looking down and thinking. The bonfire produces a red light that invades the whole photo, creating a red background and highlighting the models’ faces.

‘Fishing Day’ by Tom Munro for Vogue China, October 2009

5) The photographer here is focusing on the two models standing in the foreground. The shooting takes place on a river as the two models are fishing. Another factor that put in evidence the two models is the overexposed light which also allows to make the background even more blurred, and the use of black and white colours.

Emma Stone by Mikael Jansson for Interview, September 2012

6) The focus in the photo above is mailing on the only female model, which is standing in front of another male model and they are surrounded by guys. The glam-rock group is standing outside of a club and the girl is looking behind her as she is waiting for someone. Moreover there is a short depth of field as we can understand the background, but the use of coloured neon lights make it blurred and create a strange “zig-zag” effect.

‘French Riviera’ by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris,October 2013

7) In this photo we can find a short depth of field since the moment that we can recognize all the objects and subjects participating in the picture. The focus is on the foreground in which we find the model, half naked, who is thinking and waiting for someone, while the background is not completely blurred because we can see another person who is looking at the model.

‘Law and Order’ by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for W magazine, February 2009

8) The photo above shows a short depth of field because we can clearly see the background, as the focus it is on the models. In contrast to the sharp background, the foreground is completely blurred. The whole picture is pervaded by leading lines in both two grounds.

Eva Mendes by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for W Magazine, July 2010

9) The focus presents in this photo highlights just the left eye, nose, lips and left hand of the model, while the rest of the photo is blurred due to the long depth of field. The position of the model’s hands are placed to frame her face and glaze.

Vanessa Paradis by Boo George for Interview Russia, May 2012 

10) The model in the photo is sitting on a pile of tires in desert and abandoned warehouses. Moreover the use of black and white colours makes the photo even gloomy. The focus is just on her while the first object in the foreground is completely blurred as well the background. For what she is wearing (biker boots), abandoned warehouses and tires we can understand that is the place for motorcycle races, and that maybe she is there waiting for the next one.